Rigz Shoots Clean. Wanna know how?
10 Slamming Points in Four Easy Steps

A User-Friendly Guide

Check out this video on slamming crystal:

Step 1: Prepare Your Hit


Wash your hands and the container you’re gonna mix your dope in – soap and tap water is great.


If you can get some, sterile water is best for mixing the hit, and make sure the hit is completely dissolved!


Filter your hit through a clean piece of cotton as you draw it up, and of course use a fresh new syringe! Filtering will keep out chunks and some of the cut. To filter the dope, draw clean water into your syringe and shoot it out on to the crushed powder. The finer you crush the dope, the better it will dissolve. When the dope is completely dissolved, place the cotton in the liquid and wait until all the liquid becomes absorbed.

With the plunger of the syringe fully depressed, place the bevel (or eye) of the point into the center of the cotton and pull up on the plunger. The liquid dope and water mixture will enter the syringe. **FYI – “Cotton fever” is caused by bacteria not cotton fibers.

Shake or tap the rig to release any air bubbles.

Carefully depress the plunger until the dope reaches the top of the barrel. Be careful not to press too hard on the plunger or the dope will squirt out and be wasted. Repeat this process until you get the desired amount in the syringe.


Backload only if you’re really in a hurry. How? Put the dope directly in the barrel of the point, add water and shake-shake-shake… voila!

Step 2: Prepare Yourself


Where you gonna hit? Find a reliable spot, like in the crook of your arm. Look for the fattest, bluest vein. Try to rotate where you hit…that way you won’t wear one spot out. Remember, neck, hand, and leg veins are super-risky! If you must use the same vein, shoot downstream from your last shot (farther down the vein toward your heart). This can prevent you from pushing any blood clots, which could be fatal, into your bloodstream from the old site.


Pump it up! Get and keep your veins ready to rock: do some push-ups or warm the area with a compress, you can also hang your arm below your waist and clench your fist, this will increase blood pressure, making your veins more visible.


Use a tourniquet to tie off. It needs to be above the mound of the bicep. Do not tie off on top off the muscle or on the lower arm. **Don’t share tourniquets, bacteria / virus can be transmitted via contaminated equipment.


When you’re ready, wipe the sweet spot with an alcohol pad – if you don’t have one, just use soap and water. Not cleaning the injection site can cause an abscess.

Step 3: Prepare for Lift-Off


Get to the point – put the point at a 45° angle with the bevel facing up. Be sure to register by checking for the flash of blood when pulling back the plunger. Untie the tourniquet and ease in the hit. If it burns or stings, you probably missed…so STOP and pull out the point. NEVER muscle or skin-pop meth! It can cause abscesses and other health problems. And also remember to avoid arteries. If you do inject into an artery it should be harder and more painful to inject, the plunger may be forced back and you might see frothy blood in the barrel. If you think you’ve hit an artery, pull out right away and apply firm pressure to the injection site. If the bleeding continues for more than five minutes, immediately seek medical help.

Step 4: Prepare for the Next Time


Always use a new sterile point. If you’re in San Francisco, the folks at Syringe Access Services (SAS) aka needle exchange will be happy to see you and will set you up with harm reduction supplies. They also will gladly take your used syringes and dispose of them for you. Can’t get to exchange? In California, if you’re 18 or older and can prove it with ID, you can purchase AND possess up to 10 syringes without a prescription.

Other places in the US you can find access to clean points:


If these options don’t work out, use these three steps to clean used points: 

Fill the syringe with water. Tap out all the blood droplets. Shake the syringe and shoot out the contents. Repeat this process until the water runs clear. There should not be any blood in the syringe.

Fill the syringe with bleach. Let the bleach stay in the syringe for a minimum of three minutes. The longer you keep the bleach in the syringe, the better! Shoot out the bleach. Repeat this process at least three times.

Rinse the syringe with clean, fresh water. Shoot out the water. Repeat three times for best results. Bleach is very likely to kill HIV but is it NOT effective against Hep C, so it’s still always best to use new points whenever you can.

(11) They’re your sidewalks too, right? Don’t throw used rigs in the gutter or in the trash. Store them in a glass jar and bring ’em to the Exchange to trade for new ones. Or you can get a free sharps box at Syringe Access Services or Walgreens stores – they’re free and they’re cute and they hold about 100 old points. Also FYI, needles and syringes in sharps containers are not considered paraphernalia according to California law (section 11364 of the Ca. Health and Safety code)

Slamming can be intense. Maybe it’s not the way to go for you? Perhaps you want to give your veins a break? Smoking or snorting may be a better options, and a bit less harsh on the body. In any case, do what you think is what is best for your overall health and wellbeing.

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