How it’s done:

Crystal is injected directly into the veins with a needle and syringe, often called a “rig” or, though rarely among speed users, “works”. Other ways of injecting drugs are “muscling” – injection of the drug into muscle – and “skin popping” – injecting the drug under the skin. Muscling and skin popping are not recommended because crystal won’t absorb through muscle or skin. You won’t get high and it’s almost a guarantee for an abscess.

Time to get off:

 about 15-30 seconds.

Things to watch out for:

If we’re talking about the risk of infection, slamming is the most dangerous way to use.  Injecting bypasses all the defenses our bodies have to protect the blood supply. We all have bacteria on our skin so if you inject you can develop an abscess after this bacteria gets under your skin. Sharing rigs increases risk of giving or getting Hep B, Hep C and HIV. Any contaminants in the crystal will be injected directly into the bloodstream.