Dear lord this Fucking Floor is FILTHY. I’m going to sweep it up and then I can Hit that Fucking Pipe Again. So I sweep maybe 6 Tiles. Then I hunt the Pipe. Never realy sure where I may have put the fucking thing. I walk in circles. Fold Laundry just hoping it will occur to me where I Hid that Fucking Pipe. Oh my god my Life Partner is outside the door and he is going to be really Dissapointed if I have laid that Fucking Pipe Somewhere in plain view. Sometimes I cant even focus enough to FOCUS. Very very quietly check and make sure the door is unlocked. I don’t want to look Suspicious. He will Blow through the fucking roof if he catches me. I sit at my desk with only non gay themed websites running. Minutes Pass then suddenly I realize What the Fuck. He cant be out there its actually been 30 Minutes. Fuck I gotta get some shit done so I can Masturbate at least 6 – 10 hours. Finally At Last…. The Fucking Pipe was in my pocket the whole time. I could have hit it at least 2-3 times by now. Of course Darling you know what that means. I went for 30 minutes without a hit so its ok if I smoke for 30 minutes solid. Like I purposely held myself back in Actuality not knowing the pipe was in my pocket that whole time. Mother FUCK!!!! Now wheres the lighter. OH shit. No Lighter You Fog. Oh yeah there is a lighter in the garage I hid in a tool drawer just for these types of emergencies. Lighter Check! Pipe Check! Dope Check! Check the door make sure all sounds are off so I may hear any approching Villain. Ok the Coast is Clear. Melt melt melt. The let is harden again. The its fucking ON!!! I hit the pipe nonstop until I get freaked out that I could get Caught. Quick hide the fucking pipe. Where though?? I have to be real clever. He will never think to look there. Wait!!! What if he decides to come down and for no good reason clean out this particular drawer. Oh shit!!! PANIC at the Basement Dance Floor. I quickly put it away as soon as my racing mind can determine the best possible secure hiding spot. Hot Damn I’m Clever. I’ll hide it inside my shoe in the shoe cabinet. BRILLIANT – MOTHER FCUKING BRILLIANT!! I catch a faint glimpse of myself in the Mirror Grab my Dick and Grunt out FUCK YEAH!!! Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick……. Shit its 6:30AM. Damn I’m having such a blast I achieved nothing but smoking an entire Sacky. Next Task…. Get off. Manhunt here the fuck I come. I log in so quickly I cant quite get my password right. I know that fucking password am I typing it Wrong. After Countless Tweaked Attempts. Finally I’m in. I think I will search california tonight. I’m sure to find a Hot Hairy Beast to really ignite the Fire. I continuously look for 5-6 hours. I start to get annoyed so I start actually talking to the pictures. Fuck Yeah man… You wanna put that Cock up my ass dont you?? FUCK YEAH!! I switch from porn to manhunt to over 100,000 erotic pictures of Nude men. I never know what will make my ass twitch. Then Finally. I get so over it I just rub and rub and rub until I can get a limp dicked load out. Then instantly. The orgasm is gone and I want another one. This is my Insane Crystal Meth Addicted Prison. I got my nut. I cleaned the floor which now has a watery yellowish miraculous load glistening. I quickly get dressed. Wipe the Floor Quickly. Hide the Pipe. Then upstairs to chase sleep until I cant stand it anymore and start all over Again!!! Amazing Right. Yeah RIGHT!! I hate that Fucking lovely Bitch!!!!!!!!