A drug or medicine has to cross the blood-brain barrier (the BBB) in order to change the way we think, feel and see. When crystal crosses the BBB, brain chemicals called neurotransmitters are released into the extra cellular fluid surrounding the brain cells.
What happens almost immediately after speed hits out brain is that we react as though we are frightened or under attack. Our pupils dilate to we can see more clearly. The blood vessels under the skin constrict to preserve our innards. Our body temperature increases to keep muscles from cramping. It really is like the classic fight-or-flight response.
At the same time there can be a sense of increased confidence, euphoria and lowered inhibitions that come with crystal use.


Neurotransmitters are depleted; nerve cells can be damaged; paranoia and anxiety because of too much dopamine and extended lack of sleep; constricted blood vessels in the brain increase the chance of stroke.


Teeth and gums need blood to stay healthy. Crystal constricts the vessels that supply blood to oral tissues. Reduced blood supply causes tissues to shrink and repeated shrinking means the blood vessels have a hard time recovering and can die.
Because crystal acts as an antihistamine, it causes dry mouth, which means less saliva. Saliva neutralized some of the acids in the mouth, so less salvia means more acids. Acids erode tooth enamel and cause holes or weak spots that can become cavities. Saliva also helps digestion by moving food along and deducing sugars in our mouths. Too much sugar plus too much acid means telltale bad breath.
Grinding our teeth while we clench our jaw is a dead give-away. Sore muscles are almost a guarantee. Slowly but surely, doing the grind puts a lot of stress on teeth, bone and jaw muscles.


Tooth decay; gum problems; bone loss; tooth loss;
Oral Health Tips: Brush and floss your teeth on a regular basis. Brushing and flossing remove bacteria that feed on sugars; these bacteria secrete acid. Oral sex is riskier when gums or teeth are not healthy because HIV and other microorganisms can get into your blood and cause infection. If you have poor oral health, it’s best to use a condom when you give head.


Arteries pump fresh blood loaded with oxygen and nutrients from the heart to the brain and body. After the fresh blood nourishes the body, veins carry the “tired” blood back to the heart. Regardless of how we get crystal into our bodies, it travels to the heart. The heart pumps the blood, and the drugs, to other parts of the body through the arteries. The rush and the high begin when the drug reaches the brain. This takes a matter of seconds and only varies depending on how we get crystal into our bodies.

Once crystal is in our bodies the heart beats faster and harder. Meanwhile, the veins and arteries constrict. The skinner our veins and arteries are, the more reduced the blood flow. Like we said in the section about the brain, the reaction to crystal mimics a fight-or-flight response so as an added negative bonus the blood clots more easily since our bodies think “I am or might be hurt.”


Increased heart rate; heartbeat can get out of rhythm; an increase in blood pressure is particularly touchy if you already have high blood pressure. If you inject, germs on your skin might get inside you and then can infect the lining of the heart.
Pointers: If you inject clean off your sweet spot with soap and water and an alcohol pad before you take your hit. As often as you can, use your own brand new point each time you inject.


The lungs bring oxygen into the bloodstream. Blood carries oxygen to every cell in the body. Cells need a constant supply of oxygen and nutrients to make energy.
Crystal relaxes the lung passages, which increases the intake of oxygen. More oxygen means our bodies can fight or flee. And it’s ready to fight harder or run faster with more oxygen available.


The cut in the crystal can block blood vessels in the lungs; some doctors we know and trust have been telling us that long-term smoking of crystal can reduce the volume of oxygen our lungs can hold and process and that this reduction might be permanent.


The digestive system breaks down food into simpler chemicals. The body uses these chemicals for energy and to build or repair cells and tissues.
Crystal, while making us feel like we’re moving a million miles an hour, completely changes things in our guts. The digestive tract slows down or stops. So the processing and absorption of food and its nutrients might stop but definitely slows down or stops. Completely in line with these changes, our appetite decreases or goes away and so does our thirst. The thirst part is key here since we’re made mostly of water, right? And we need fluids to move along the digestion process.


Constipation, Cramping, Diarrhea, Dehydration, Dry mouth, Malnutrition, Anorexia, Weight loss
Happy Belly Tips: Even when you think or feel like you don’t want to eat, try to take in something. Protein bars are great choice since they’re small and easy to eat without taking too much time out of your fun. We can’t tell you enough: drink, drink, drink! Water is really the best drink around, especially when you’re high. If you choose sports drinks, remember those are high in sugar.


The liver is the largest gland in the body but gland sounds kind of gross. Instead we like to think of the liver as giant filter. It filters the blood of drugs and toxins that might otherwise build up in the body.
The liver breaks down crystal into simpler chemicals so they can be excreted. As our blood circulates through our livers, more and more of the drug and maybe the cut get broken down. The liver cannot filter and process an overload of substances. When there’s more than the liver can handle we end up with more toxins in our bloodstreams. Then, if we take other drugs or medicine or both, we might experience serious drug interactions.


Overdose. That’s a scary word. Let us tell you some of the symptoms: Sudden increase in blood pressure; increased body temperature; sweating, which cools down the body; can decrease pressure on the optic never and can lead to seeing spots and risks loss or serious decrease of oxygen supplied to the brain; passing out; increased risk of heart attack; and increased risk of stroke.


The kidneys filter the blood and rid our bodies of fluid wastes through urine. Crystal is filtered by and excreted through the kidneys. The kidneys also change the pH balance of the fluids in our bodies.
Crystal constricts blood vessels in the kidneys, which means toxins recycle throughout our bodies. The urine can become concentrated and can rest in the bladder for longer than it ought to.


Toxins can cause headache; toxins can cause or add to confusion while crashing; kidney infection; kidney stones; difficulty urination, and bladder infections.


Water, Water, everywhere but you forget to drink. Like we said before, drink water even though you don’t feel like it. Keep yourself hydrated to help things keep moving along into and through the kidneys.


Crystal has an infamous association with sex. Some of us use the drugs because we find that it heightens arousal, increase sexual stamina and delays orgasm. But impotence can be just as common. Some of us call this impotence crystal dick. That might mean we’re sexually aroused but can’t keep it up or even get a hard on. And that as the saying goes, can help turn an avowed top into an insatiable bottom. Other times, it can mean frustratingly delayed orgasm. Sure it might be hot to go all night and well into the next day but we eventually want to get our nut.
Crystal may increase our confidence or lower our inhibitions. While we’re high, we might be more impulsive and have riskier sex than we otherwise might. Safer sex, whatever that means to us, is often discarded at the same time that we increase our sexual activity.
Getting fucked while we’re high can be a seemingly ecstatic experience. It can also be risky as we become less sensitive to pain and might find ourselves having more aggressive sex for longer periods of time. Whether it’s a cock, a fist or a toy, the more aggressive the fucking, the higher the risk of internal injury. Injuries are opening into our blood stream and, therefore, leave us open to potential infection with HIV among other things


Exposure to and infection with HIV; infection with STIs, internal injuries

Booty Call Tips:

Tops or bottom or both, if ass is part of your party use condoms when fucking or getting fucked. This can decrease exposure to and infection with STDs and HIV. Top? Check in with your bottom to be sure he can take as much as you’re giving him whether it’s your dick, a fist or a toy. Bottom? Remember you can run the show. Let your top know how it’s going, how it feels and when you need to take a break.