AMETHST 5000 is a study for cis and trans men and trans women who have sex with men. It is being conducted by the CUNY School of Public Health in NYC as well as the University of Miami. This study is funded by the National Institutes of Health.


The Study (Fully online)

Participants in this study are making a valuable contribution in helping us learn more about how to prevent HIV. We are particularly passionate about reaching individuals in the community who use meth to learn more about their lives. It is our goal that this study helps inform HIV prevention efforts, so that they may better meet the needs of people who use meth.


Online Surveys

Online surveys are designed to take about 30 minutes and can be completed on your mobile device, tablet, or PC.


At-Home Biospecimen Collection

Collection materials will be shipped to you in an unmarked package with a return envelope. We will provide you with your HIV test results.


Payment (up to $260)

Participants will get paid $20 for each survey and $40 for testing, and can earn up to $260 if they participate every year!


Contact Us

You can reach us at


Click the link below to see if you are eligible: