There are a variety of chemical compounds out there that are sold and used as poppers. Amyl or butyl or isobutyl nitrite are the most common forms of this volatile, highly flammable liquid. Sold under sexualized names like Fist and Blue Boy, poppers are usually called head cleaner or leather cleaner since it’s technically illegal to sell or use these liquids as inhalants.

Poppers are vasodilators that lower blood pressure and increase the heart rate. They also lower inhibitions while increasing the sensuality of the skin’s surface and relaxing smooth muscle tissue. And we all know what one of our favorite smooth muscles is, right? The rectum!

The liquid is an irritant and can lead to chemical irritation or burns to the skin. If this happens try a soothing ointment or vitamin B-12 liquid. Headache is almost a given. Sometimes poppers can lead to loss of erection and that almost seems contrary to the point of sniffing them, right?

If you have never used poppers before, try inhaling for a shorter amount of time and gradually increasing the amount of time you breathe in the fumes.

Do not use poppers if you’re using Viagra® or its relatives! This can potentially be fatal.

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